Achieving a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace

Creative Scale: Here for YOU

The COVID-19 crisis is changing how we work and necessitating a holistic return-to-work strategy that ensures the health and wellbeing of your employees.

We are here to help you navigate through the evolving regulations and assist in achieving a safe, productive work environment enabling your people to continue to do their best work!

How We Can Help

Assess your Space

We will assess your current workplace and advise you of the changes that are required to meet the current COVID-19 protocols.

Guide through Compliance

We will recommend simple, cost effective and meaningful solutions to enhance the health and safety of your workplace. The goal is to establish new protocols and procedures that will support a safe work environment.

Re-Imagine Your Work Environment

The office will continue to play a critical role in helping organizations achieve their business goals. Amid this pandemic are opportunities to explore the shifting purpose of the workplace and provide creative solutions that will remain relevant even after COVID-19. Let us help you develop and implement a new return-to-work strategy.

Working with Creative Scale was a fantastic experience. They designed our entire office, taking our branding imagery and transforming it into a modern and welcoming office space that reflects who we are as a firm. Helen's keen sense of design and style advice made our decisions easy.

John Sinclair CPA, CA
Managing Partner (Toronto)
Baker Tilly WM LLP